North America

Pearson is the market leader in education publishing and services in North America. We offer educational programmes in all subjects, for every age and level of student, from pre K-12 through higher education and on into professional life.

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We are the leading pre K-12 curriculum, testing, and software company in the US. Our early learning products include integrated and scientifically based learning and assessment tools from Pearson Early Learning, Pearson Digital Learning, and Family Education Network.

Our elementary (Pearson Scott Foresman) and secondary (Pearson Prentice Hall) imprints publish leading school programmes in reading, literature, maths, science and social studies.

We provide industry-leading, digital instructional solutions for pre K-12 (Pearson Digital Learning), such as enVisionMATH and Miller-Levine Biology. We also offer student information, assessment, reporting and business solutions (Pearson School Systems). Nearly 50% of US schools use at least one of our student curriculum, instructional management and financial software packages.

Higher Education

We are the leading college publisher in the world, providing higher education textbooks, learning tools, and technologies. About three million US college students are currently pursuing their studies online using Pearson Higher Education's products.

Our imprints include Pearson Prentice Hall, the market leader in higher education publishing across all discipline areas; Pearson Addison Wesley and Pearson Benjamin Cummings, the premier publishers in computing, economics, finance, mathematics, science, and statistics; Pearson Longman, the highly-regarded publisher of quality materials in English, history, philosophy, political science, and religion; and Pearson Allyn & Bacon, at the forefront of the social sciences, humanities, and education disciplines.

Pearson Learning Solutions enhances the value of our content by offering educators the opportunity to customize their instructional programmes. We can help them author their own educational programmes; build a textbook from our library of copyrighted content, reorganize existing texts; or all of the above.

Assessment and Information

Pearson designs and delivers innovative assessment and data systems to help educators improve instruction and enhance the learning experience for students across the U.S.

We are the largest provider of educational assessment services in the U.S. We mark large-scale school examinations for the U.S. federal government and more than 25 American states, scoring billions of multiple-choice tests and more than 111 million essays every year.

Our digital solutions provide educators with the data and insights they need to make better decisions and personalize learning for their students.

Our experts work with educators and education advocates to help lead the development of Next-Generation Assessments that foster problem-solvers and critical thinkers ready to compete in a global economy.

We also develop clinical assessments for the professional practice areas of psychology, speech/language/hearing/occupational and physical therapy, global talent assessment, and learning assessment.