Our Geographies include:

North America

Our largest market is North America, and across the U.S. we are working with states and school districts, along with colleges and universities to help make education more effective, accessible and affordable for a diverse community of learners. We’re investing in innovative technologies and developing scalable solutions to help learners at all ages and stages.


Pearson's Core Markets incorporates markets in which we work closely with educators and policymakers to improve learning through curriculum and assessment design, the provision of world class teaching and learning materials, and the development of new digital learning technologies.

Core Markets includes:

  • The UK, our second largest global market, in which we are a regulated exam awarding organisation
  • Other established markets such as Australia and Italy
  • Over 100 established markets right across Europe, Asia and Africa, where we serve a range of educators and learners either directly or through trusted partners and distributors.


Our aim is to take great educational products and services and apply them at scale in countries such as Brazil, South Africa, China, India and other fast-growing economies. Around one third of our employees now work in these countries.

We reach around two million students directly through our English language schools in China, Brazil and elsewhere, partner schools in Brazil and India, and our higher education institutions in South Africa, as well as millions more with our textbooks and educational software.