Transforming our Business

As a single-vision company focused solely on education, we have been working hard to simplify our business, reduce our costs and position ourselves for growth in our major markets.

We have been investing steadily to develop new products and services, and forge broader partnerships with academic institutions, that enable us to capitalise on the big, global opportunities we see in education.

These exciting new products and services include:

  • Adaptive, personalised “next generation” courseware which enhances the productivity of teachers and helps students learn more effectively;
  • New qualifications and certifications that help students to translate education into employment by assessing career relevant knowledge and skills, providing quality assurance to schools, universities and employers;
  • A new platform by which we can meet the growing demand for high quality virtual and blended schooling at greater scale, both in the US and globally;
  • Online programme management partnerships with an increasing number of Universities, aimed at meeting the growing global demand for more flexible, effective and good value Higher Education;
  • A major upgrade to our blended English language learning programmes, enabling us to help young adults and professionals to learn the English they need more flexibly so they can progress in their careers.