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Pearson Africa partners with relevant institutional and government stakeholders across the continent to provide governments and academic institutions with specialised learning materials and support, from early childhood learning to professional certification.

We have now published for the new curriculum and these titles will be available from Doxa Bookshop, includes some of our popular titles; Merchant of Venice, Mema, Things Fall Apart, The Pearl, Anthology of East Africa, Growing up with Poetry, Longman Dictionary and Common mistakes.


Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

ISBN: 9781447954194

Author: Author Title

Key features of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English include:

  • signposts to direct you to the meaning you want
  • usage examples to show how the words are used
  • grammar boxes to show correct grammar construction
  • 3 000 most frequently used words in both spoken and written English.

Common Mistakes in English

ISBN: 9780582344587

Author: T.J. Fitkides

Common Mistakes in English takes more than 550 examples of typical errors (for example, words that are often confused, misused, or used with the wrong preposition) and offers a correct version and an explanation that will help students avoid making the mistakes themselves. An invaluable book for students who are keen to ‘get it right’ every time!

  • Offers correct versions and explanations for more than 550 typical errors.
  • It has been completely updated to refl ect modern English usage and contains lists and summaries covering specific grammaticalpoints, plus everyday irregular verbs in all their forms. 

Merchant of Venice

ISBN: 9780582427136

New Longman Shakespeare is a series of educational editions of the most popular Shakespeare plays studied and taught in secondary schools. They provide teachers with a balanced approach to teaching Shakespeare through the unique combination of close textual analysis and drama activities.

The complete text is accompanied by:

  • textual notes which help students to understand difficult words and historical reference and key imagery
  • a clear and simple plot summary for each page of the play
  • activities which develop student understanding of the play, covering themes, character, plot,
  • imagery and language
  • actors’ interpretations which encourage students to see the play as a piece of drama
  • differentiated, exam style activities at the end of each act, providing practice for SATs and GCSE/Standard Grade
  • summative activities which give a complete overview of the play
  • information on the social and historical background to Shakespeare’s England, plays an playhouses, the Globe.


ISBN: 9780435909239

Mema engages the reader with its dramatic tale of a woman struggling against the constraints of her community yet proves to be a multi-layered novel exploring a culture in transition. Daniel Mengara is Gabonese. Mema in his first novel.

The Pearl

ISBN: 978058246147

New Longman Literature titles provide an excellent selection of popular modern fiction and are suitable for 14–18 year olds of all abilities.

  •  Notes and questions are provided at the beginning of each section to help guide the student’s understanding of key themes and language.
  • A programme of study provides practice in skills required at KCSE.
  • Other features include an introduction, ideas for further reading and a comprehensive glossary.
  • “You have defi ed not the pearly buyers, but the whole structure, the whole of life, and I am afraid for you.” When Kino discovers a magnifi cent pearl, he thinks that he has found security and comfort for his wife and son, but instead it only brings sadness.

An Anthology of East Africa Poetry

ISBN: 9780582895225

An Anthology of East African Poetry is a collection of recent poems from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe. It has been prepared for secondary school pupils and first year undergraduates. The book is divided into three parts. Part one contains the most accessible poems while Part two offers more challenging poems for pupils in Form Three and above. Part Three is suitable for candidates sitting the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and its equivalent in other East African countries, and for undergraduates. Each poem is followed by questions on style, mood and meaning. In this introduction A.D Amateshe provides a clear guide to African poetry today and sets the poems in their historical context. A glossary at the end explains useful critical terms.

Growing up with Poetry

ISBN: 9780435920074

This new and challenging anthology is designed for the enjoyment and instruction of students from Junior Secondary level upwards. The selection of mainly African poems aims actively to involve and encourage pupils in exploration of feelings and personal responses and seeks to show the scope and variety that poetry can offer.

The poems are divided thematically and focus on aspects central to African life and culture: love, identity, death, village life, separation, power and freedom. Each of them is exploited by thought provoking questions which is divided into three types:

  • Before reading questions draw students into the subject area by stimulating ideas and arousing interest in the topics
  • After reading questions demand a more direct response to the poems and introduce and explain useful technical terminology and expressions
  • A closer look questions call for a more detailed exam-style analysis of selected poems.

The introduction gives valuable guidance to teachers on how to use the anthology and question material and also offers help and encouragement to the student. There is a glossary of technical terms at the back of the books.

Things Fall Apart

ISBN: 9780435905255

The Classics in Context series takes some of the best-known novels from the African Writers Series and places them in their social, historical and literacy context to enhance readers’ understanding andenjoyment of African literature. Chinua Achebe’s fi rst novel portrays the collision of African and European cultures in people’s lives. Okonkwo, a great man in Igbo traditional society, cannot adapt to the profound changes brought about by British colonial rule. Yet, as in classic tragedy, Okonkwo’s downfall results from his own character as well as from external forces. This expanded edition includes essays, maps, illustrations and reference material.