For decades, Pearson Africa has been supporting African learners across the continent with resources that are developed for local curricula, which assist bright young minds in gaining sought-after international academic and vocational qualifications. From early childhood learning through secondary schooling to higher education and for the duration of their careers – there is a Pearson product, resource or service to help learners achieve and excel.

We consult with specialist educators within each country to develop courses that are relevant to learners and conform to the strict requirements of that country’s education governing bodies. Pearson has published learning material in over 58 African languages across the continent – combining our extensive local knowledge with global expertise to produce the best possible learning resources available.  

What sets our products apart is our commitment to efficacy. We continuously question and improve our products and services to ensure that they deliver the most positive impact to learners.

It is our mission to enhance teaching and learning in Africa, and help shape the future of education across the continent.