Episode 14 — Want a career change? Here's how you can get your dream job

Welcome to episode 14 of the Art of Learning podcast.

We catch up again with Simon Young, Pearson Asia’s BTEC Portfolio Director, to chat about the value of the ‘right’ qualifications in the new world of work, and how vocational qualifications can improve a learner's employability.

We discuss how the world of work changing and what role qualifications play (00:50), how vocational qualifications aren't always viewed as valuable or seen as prestigious as more traditional qualifications, and what employers value in learners, as well as learners who have taken vocational qualifications and ultimately gained extra skills and knowledge that gives them an edge in the marketplace (07:32), what Simon sees as some of the more important soft skills that a vocational qualification can help with enhancing and growing (09:48), plus much more.

Listen below: