• Six top tips for teaching English online

    teaching english online

    More and more, schools are offering blended language and remote teaching options. There are lots of benefits of teaching English online. Firstly, it’s sustainable, saving on transport, travel costs and it reduces the number of printed materials. Secondly, it allows you the flexibility to teach students when you’re away from school and the classroom. 

    So, if you’re faced with a new remote class and you’re not sure how to approach it, follow these six tips and you’ll soon be an online teaching pro.

    1. Find the right technology

    If you want to become a great online English teacher, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a reliable online platform or learning management system to help you communicate with your students. The good news is that there are lots of free options available to you.

    Platforms for teaching one-to-one classes and small groups

    If you are running one-to-one or small group English classes and are mostly focused on conversation, Google Hangouts is an easy-to-use option. It’s free and web-based, which means desktop users do not have to download applications to use it. If you have a Gmail address, you’ll be able to send recurring calendar invitations to your student(s) and they will be able to sign in to the Hangout directly from their email.

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  • Correction to Press Release: NetDragon Collaborates with Pearson, Expands Education Library with Agreement to License Digital Content

    (November 20, 2020) –  Pearson issued the following correction:

    A press announcement from Pearson and NetDragon made on October 23, 2020 erroneously claimed that the products Reading Street®, enVisionMATH®, digits®, and Interactive Science™ are part of the Pearson portfolio. Pearson does not own those products, and they are not associated with Pearson’s licensing agreement with NetDragon. Those products are now owned by Savvas Learning Company, and no Savvas products are part of the license of content to NetDragon.

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  • Pearson and Liverpool FC partnership

    Pearson and Liverpool FC partnership

    Today, I am delighted to announce a partnership with leading Premier League football club and current Club World Cup Champions Liverpool FC, to offer international sports industry qualifications designed to provide pathways to careers in sport, fitness and physical activity for young people and adults. 

    Available to overseas learners from September 2020, these new qualifications are:

    • BTEC International Level 3 in Sport, Business and Management,
    • BTEC International Level 3 in Sports Coaching and Development, and
    • BTEC International Level 3 in Sports Facilities Operations and Management.

    These new qualifications are being developed to meet the needs of a growing global sports industry, within which new careers are emerging and developing all the time.  Young people and adults wishing to pursue and make progress in the sector will acquire up-to-date industry knowledge, skills and behaviours that open doors to a range of exciting careers in sport, such as coaching, management, facilities operations and fitness instruction. Building on Liverpool FC’s experience as a major sports employer, the BTEC will ensure that learners have their learning brought to life in real world sports contexts.

    The qualifications are presented in a series of modular bitesize units, meaning learners can engage in short courses or a full 2-year programme of each. Units include health and wellbeing, sports psychology, nutrition and fitness, business, technology and self-employment.

    The BTEC will provide learners with a range of transferable skills and behaviours that are highly valued by employers through units in business, technology and self-employment, as well as developing the skills and knowledge to tackle two of the biggest health issues of our age - physical fitness and mental wellbeing. These skills are especially valuable in a changing world where job roles are likely to continue to change and the emphasis from industry and employers is increasingly on flexibility, adaptability and transferable skills.

    The aim is for these new BTECs to inspire learners amongst Liverpool FC’s millions of fans to develop their skills and knowledge and gain a qualification that supports new global career opportunities and elevates sports education and professionalism around the world.

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    I would like to say a huge thank you to James Emmett, Becky Laffan, Jason Gregory and everyone who has worked on making this partnership happen. Thank you also to Janet Clarke, Hannah Lee and Sonia Sakaria on the great work you’ve done getting the communication and marketing ready for today’s launch.

    Best wishes,

    Cindy Rampersaud

    Senior Vice President - BTEC and Apprenticeships 

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  • Working and learning online during the COVID-19 pandemic

    mother and daughter at the dining table

    The spread of the COVID-19 is a once in a generation event that has impacted us all in some way. In our individual confidence, or our work, and sadly, people’s health.

    At Pearson, our mission is to help people make progress in their lives through learning. Regardless of their age, location or stage in life. To do this we support a broad range of partners, educators, and institutions. We continue to do that each and every day.

    You know what you need. You know what will make a difference to your learners and we are ready to support you.

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