Revel Finance

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Designed for how you want to teach — and how your students want to learn

Revel is an interactive learning environment that engages students and helps them prepare for your class. Reimagining their content, our authors integrate media and assessment throughout the narrative so students can read, explore, and practise, all at the same time. Thanks to this dynamic reading experience, students come to class prepared to discuss, apply, and learn about finance — from you and from each other.

Revel Finance seamlessly integrates compelling media into the narrative, blending reading and study in one continuous digital experience. With media interactives that illustrate key concepts, videos, homework, and quizzes, learners practise as they go, gauge their comprehension, and retain new knowledge. By providing opportunities to read about and practise key financial concepts, Revel engages students more deeply—leading to better understanding of the course material.


Explain It/Chapter videos walk students through complex concepts. Solutions videos use algebra, a financial calculator, and Excel® to solve problems.

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Watch Solutions video

Explore It

Animations bring in-depth topics to life so students can interact with concepts, rather than simply read about them.

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Practice Assessments

A problem set after each learning objective enables students to check their understanding and get feedback, helping them to tackle homework and quizzes with confidence.

Homework and Quizzes

Instructors can assign chapter-specific homework or quizzes. These results flow seamlessly into the instructor and student gradebooks.

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