Revel Product Features


These are the core features of all Revel products. They’ll get your students reading — and help them better retain what they’ve learned. Learn more about the features of the new enhanced Revel, available for select titles.

Revel displayed on multiple devices
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Provide an all-in-one solution

Fully digital and highly engaging, Revel gives students everything they need for the course—all in one continuous, integrated learning experience. Highlighting, note taking, and a glossary let students read and study however they like. Educators can add notes for students, too, including reminders or study tips.

Example: Revel interactives and videos
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Engage students as they read

Revel was designed to help every student come to class ready to learn. To keep students engaged as they read through each chapter, Revel integrates videos, interactives, and assessments directly into the author-created narrative. Thanks to this media-rich presentation of content, students are more likely to complete their assigned reading and retain what they've read. So they'll show up to class better prepared to participate and learn.

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Encourage practice and review

Embedded assessments such as quizzes and concept checks afford students opportunities to check their understanding at regular intervals before moving on. Assessments in Revel let educators gauge student comprehension frequently, provide timely feedback, and address learning gaps along the way.

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Enable learning anytime, anywhere

The Revel mobile app lets students read, practice, and study—anywhere, anytime, on any device. Content is available both online and offline, and the app syncs work across all registered devices automatically, giving students great flexibility to toggle between phone, tablet, and laptop as they move through their day. The app also lets students set assignment notifications to stay on top of all due dates. Available for download from the App Store or Google Play. Learn more about the app.

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Foster critical thinking through writing

The writing functionality in Revel, available in select courses, enables educators to integrate writing—among the best ways to foster and assess critical thinking—into the course without significantly impacting their grading burden. Writing features include:

  • Self-paced Journaling Prompts throughout the narrative that encourage students to express their thoughts without breaking stride in their reading;
  • Assignable Shared Writing Activities that direct students to share written responses with classmates, fostering peer discussion; and
  • Essays integrated directly within Revel that allow educators to assign the precise writing tasks they need for the course.

Ensure students stay on track

Example: Revel assignment calendar
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Set the pace for progress

Revel allows educators to indicate precisely which readings must be completed on which dates. This clear, detailed schedule helps students stay on task by eliminating any ambiguity as to which material will be covered during each class. When they understand exactly what is expected of them, students are better motivated to keep up.

Example: Revel performance dashboard
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Focus your time and resources on students’ needs

Revel empowers educators to monitor class assignment completion as well as individual student achievement. Actionable information, such as points earned on quizzes and tests and time on task, helps educators interact with their students in meaningful ways. For example, the trending column reveals whether students' grades are improving or declining, helping educators to identify students who might need help to stay on track.

Example: Revel's Blackboard Learn integration dashboard
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Provide easy access on the first day of class

LMS integration provides institutions, educators, and students easy access to their Revel courses via Blackboard Learn™, Canvas™, Brightspace by D2L, and Moodle. With single sign-on, students can be ready to access an interactive blend of authors' narrative, media, and assessment on their first day. Flexible, on-demand grade synchronisation capabilities allow educators to control exactly which grades should be transferred to their LMS Gradebook. Learn more.