Revel for Educators: Sync Your Grades with Blackboard

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Revel/Blackboard Integration: Sync Grades

You can sync Revel assignment scores with Blackboard.

Once a Revel assignment becomes available to students, it is available to sync in your Blackboard course.

Sync any and all in-progress or past-due assignments through the Pearson Revel Grade Refresh tool.

Let's take a look.

First, for my Blackboard course, I can click any content area where I've deployed the Revel link to be able to view my Revel assignments and Performance Dashboard.

Just to give you a quick look at this particular course, I have several assignments that are past-due, several assignments that are in-progress, and several assignments that are not yet available to my students.

A quick look at the Performance Dashboard shows that my students have completed the in-progress assignments; they did not complete – or some of them did not complete – the past-due assignments. Just wanted to give you a sense of what we're seeing in this particular course.

If I go back to my Blackboard course and go to my Tools page, then to Content Market Tools, click on Pearson Revel, I land in my Pearson Revel Tools area.

Under the Pearson Revel Tools, I can click on Pearson Revel Grade Refresh. You'll note that the two assignments that are available here are past due and the two assignments that are not that our in-progress are also available to sync. Items that are not yet available to students do not sync yet to Blackboard. On the date they become available to students, you will see them listed here in your items that are available to refresh.

Here I can decide to select individual items or I can select all of my items to refresh grades for. If I had Grade Center columns to delete, I have the capability to do that here.

If I click on submit, my grade refresh is processing, and I will get a success message that eight of eight grades are successfully updated.

If I take a look at my Grade Center, I'll note that my assignments have synced for my two students in this course and that I now have grades for those assignments.

In order to refresh the grades for these two students again after they have potentially worked or continue to work on assignments, or after the assignment is past-due, or if a new assignment is available, I can go back to my tools, to Content Market Tools, to my Pearson Revel Associated Partner, Pearson Revel Grade Refresh and select individual or all of those assignments. Again, click on submit.

That's how Grade Sync works for Pearson Revel and Blackboard integration.

Thank you!