Criminal Justice

CourseConnect California Criminal Law

This course introduces the student to the purpose and general concepts of the criminal law. It covers the nature and development of criminal law, theoretical principles of criminal liability, and ethical considerations in criminal law. Emphasis is placed on substantive criminal law in California, including offenses against persons, property, public morals, and public order.

CourseConnect Criminal Courts

This course provides students with an overview of the criminal justice system and its processes. It examines the courtroom work group, the trial process, and challenges to the process. It also provides an overview of the juvenile court system.

CourseConnect Criminal Investigation

This course teaches students the fundamentals of criminal investigation by examining the processes involved in identifying and arresting criminal suspects, identifying the types of crimes and offenses, and in preparing for court.

CourseConnect Criminal Justice Ethics

This course looks at the ethical dilemmas and professional problems faced by criminal justice personnel. Students review various ethical perspectives and discuss the practical applicability of ethical ideals.

CourseConnect Criminal Law

This course provides students with an historical understanding of criminal law, an overview of general legal principles including possible defense to a criminal charge, and an awareness of the fundamental nature of law.

CourseConnect Criminal Procedure

This course focuses on the constitutional rights of criminal defendants as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court. Students discuss Supreme Court decisions and identify their significance for the justice system.

CourseConnect Criminology

This course introduces students to the study of crime and criminal behavior as well as to theories of crime causation. It reviews different types of crime and examines crime control policy.

CourseConnect Introduction to Corrections

This course provides an overview of the field of corrections. It reviews prisons and jails, correctional policies, agencies, prison life, and challenges facing corrections.

CourseConnect Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course introduces students to the criminal justice system and its three main components: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. It reviews what constitutes a criminal offense, how crime is measured, and theories of crime causation. This course also looks at the issues and challenges facing today’s criminal justice system and examines possible future directions.

CourseConnect Introduction to Homeland Security

This course addresses the functions of homeland security and critical infrastructure and asset protection as they relate to government, industry, and the community. The key functions of threat prevention, crisis response, and operations recovery are addressed from a variety of perspectives, given that homeland security is a responsibility shared by government agencies, the private sector, and individuals, and encompasses a broad spectrum of professional career positions throughout our society. This course provides an overview of the elements involved in the homeland security function, as well as the challenges critical infrastructure managers in government and industry can and will face maintaining mission operations and staff accountability in the midst of multiple overlapping roles and responsibilities in our rapidly changing world.

CourseConnect Introduction to Policing

This course gives students an overview of the police and their mission. It examines the evolution of policing as well as methods, issues, and challenges to present day policing. The course also looks at technology in the service of law enforcement, and explores the future of policing.

CourseConnect Juvenile Justice

This course gives students an overview of American juvenile justice, in terms of both system and practice. It examines the juvenile offender, causes of juvenile crime, the juvenile court system, and juveniles in the adult court system. This course also looks at institutionalization, rehabilitation, the treatment of juveniles, and the future of juvenile justice in America.

CourseConnect Policing Techniques: Interviewing and Interrogation

This course explores policing techniques and tactics used to combat and prevent crime. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and working skills involved in the art of interviewing and interrogating witnesses and suspects, and the relevant legal parameters that must be followed during field procedures.

CourseConnect Probation and Parole

This online criminal justice course focuses on adult and juvenile probation, institutions, and parole.

CourseConnect Victimology

This course examines the causes of victimization and looks at theories associated with violent victimization. It analyzes the offender-victim relationship and presents ideas on preventing violence and responding to victimization.