Flexible Functionality

MediaShare is available as a standalone product, as part of MyCommunicationLab®, or in a package with REVEL™. Among its many benefits, MediaShare will enable you to do the following:

  • Assign or view speeches, outlines, presentation aids, video-based assignments, role plays, group projects, and more in a variety of formats including video, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Assess students using customizable, Pearson-provided rubrics, or create your own rubrics around classroom goals, learning outcomes, or department initiatives.
  • Set up assignments for individual students or groups with options for full-class viewing and commenting, private comments between you and the student, or peer groups for reviewing.
  • Record video directly from a tablet, phone, or other webcam (including a batch upload option for instructors) and tag submissions to a specific student or assignment.
  • Embed video from YouTube via assignments to incorporate current events into the classroom experience.
  • Set up quiz questions on video assignments to ensure that students master concepts and interact and engage with the media.
  • Link your lectures from YouTube into MediaShare with a quiz to ensure active listening.
  • Import grades into most learning management systems.
  • Ensure a secure learning environment for instructors and students through robust privacy settings.
  • Upload videos, comment on submissions, and grade directly from our MediaShare app, available free from the iTunes store and GooglePlay. To download, search for "Pearson MediaShare."