Key Benefits

MediaShare offers a rich online environment that helps students share their work and better connect with instructors and peers. And with the addition of new assignment types and integrated learning objective tracking, MediaShare is now even more powerful.

NEW! Learning Objective Tracking and Reporting

By linking learning objectives to specific assignments in MediaShare, instructors can ensure students are mastering the skills they need to succeed in the course. Instructors can run reports by student and/or by learning objective to review and demonstrate course results.

NEW! Presentation Creator Assignments

MediaShare now allows instructors to assign speeches that include images or other visual aids at specific points. Students can make the appropriate image appear at the precise moment it is mentioned in the speech. And images can be time stamped, letting instructors comment — and students receive feedback — easily and efficiently.

NEW! An Expanded Selection of Pre-Created Assignments

Additional pre-created assignments, all of which can be customized, give instructors more flexibility. The new assignments include sample student speeches, outlines, and more.

Versatile Content Upload Functionality

MediaShare lets educators and students upload and view speeches, outlines, presentation aids, video-based assignments, role plays, group projects, and more in a variety of formats including video, Word, and PowerPoint.

Group Assignments

Instructors can prompt students to collaborate on a group project that can be submitted for instructor and/or peer feedback. Instructors can set up groups by individual selection or randomization, and can provide individual or group grades.

Outline Assignments

Students or instructors can submit an outline created from a customizable template in MediaShare for peer/instructor feedback.