Research and analytics

Under the microscope

We want to deliver and improve measurable outcomes for learners, who are at the heart of our work. So, as a company, we're combining our efforts and resources so that we can really get down to scrutinising what we have.

By building a world-class education evidence base, we'll push boundaries with ground-breaking research. We'll embed what we know in our products and use data to improve them. Partners will include leading researchers and institutions, like MIT.

Our work will benefit learners and our business, as well as allowing us to contribute to improving education systems around the world. Together, we can make education more accessible – and successful – for everyone.

Typical research and analysis roles

Our work spans many complex areas of research and data collection and analysis. Many positions need a background in psychology, measurement, psychometrics or information technology.

Examples of what we do include:

  • collecting data on learners' digital activities
  • measuring skills and progress towards goals
  • researching performance assessments and scoring methods
  • researching trends and practices.

We have a variety of roles at varying levels of expertise, including PhD. We need people like:

  • research scientists
  • analysts
  • statisticians and data scientists
  • psychometricians
  • research assistants
  • analytics consultants.