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Endocytosis and Exocytosis

Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our lesson on Endo Psychosis and Exocet Asus. And so up until this point, in our course, we've been talking about the membrane transport. A very, very small molecules. But what about large molecules? How do they get across the cells? Plasma membrane. Well, large biomolecules, for example. Large proteins, large carbohydrates or nucleic acids like DNA there simply just way too large in order to diffuse through membranes or even to diffuse through protein channels. And so they're not able to defuse through the methods that we've talked about so far. And so instead, large macro molecules are going to be transported across cell membranes via either the process of endo psychosis and or the process of Exocet Assis. And we'll get to talk a lot. Maura, about Endo Psychosis and Exocet Acis as we move forward in our course, but down below here we're showing you a map. Ah, little snippet of our map of the lesson on membrane transport and notice that we're focusing on bulk transport or the transport a very, very large molecules. And these large molecules can either be transported via endo psychosis to enter the cell and or Exocet Asus to exit the cell. And so we're going to start off our lesson by focusing on Endo psychosis entering the cell. And really, there are three types of endo psychosis that were briefly going to touch on which ARF ago psychosis sell eating Pena psychosis, sell drinking and then receptor mediated Endo psychosis, which is a form of pinot psychosis. And then later, after we talk about Endo psychosis, we'll talk about Exocet Asus exiting the cell. But for now, this year concludes our introduction to end a psychosis and exercise. It assists, and we'll get to learn more about these processes as we move forward in our course, so I'll see you all in our next video.