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Some fungi have elaborate mechanisms for dispersing spores. For example, the “squirt gun” fungus Pilobolus, which grows in cow dung, forcibly shoots off tiny black sporangia filled with spores. Any sporangia that are flung onto fresh grass are likely to be eaten by a grazing cow, passed through its digestive system unharmed, and deposited in a new batch of dung. The spores carried within the sporangia are perfectly positioned to grow into a new mycelium. Pilobolus is a zygomycete, and the sporangia just described produce asexual spores. In contrast, which of the following best describes what happens during the sexual phase of its life cycle? a. It produces eight ascospores in each ascus. b. It produces basidiospores that grow into mushrooms. c. It produces motile sperm and eggs. d. Hyphae from two compatible mating types fuse and form a zygosporangium.

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