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Jules Bruno
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then finally, the last group we talked about, we're gonna say a means. And since we're gonna meet some room guys to do this, I'm gonna remove myself from the image so we have more room to work with. So it means what the heck isn't a mean what we're gonna say. Inamine is a compound that has, and an H nitrogen and hydrogen such as example, and H three. Or it's a compound that has carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Example of that we could have ch three NH two. Okay, so just remember, that means or compounds with nitrogen and hydrogen or carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. We're gonna say here that neutral a means ones without charges are considered to be weak bases. Examples the two we just wrote and h three or C h three n. H. Two. Now, obviously, there are more than just these, But these air good two examples we have ammonia and then methyl amine methyl amine. The name even tells you that it's in a mean and we're gonna say next that positive, Positively charged. A means are considered to be weak acids. So here we could have NH four positive, which is ammonium. This is ammonia, so ammonium is positive. So it's a weak acid or C H three and H three positive. This would be methyl ammonium. Okay, now we saw compound earlier when we talked about binary acids. That compound was H C N. Now H. C n has the characteristics of on a mean right. I said it was carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. But remember, you can't be a binary acid and a I mean at the same time, so H. C. And even though it has those three elements is not another mean. It's not in a mean it is a binary acid, so make note of that. This is hydro scion IQ acid, not in a mean, so just make note of that. What in the mean is it usually has just and an H or could have H CNN. HCM, though, is not in a mean it's a binary acid. So look out for those characteristics. And if they give you the name, usually you'll see a meaning the name in some way. That will be a clear giveaway that you're dealing with in a mean now. Hopefully, guys have learned how to identify acids and bases now because again, it's imperative that you know how to identify them as either weak or strong, because if you don't know that, you won't know how to calculate pH or anything else dealing with acid base chemistry.