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Identify each of the compounds in the following chemical equation

Jules Bruno
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So here it says, identify each of the compounds in the following chemical equation. Now remember, we're dealing with Lewis acids and bases here. Ah, Lewis Acid is an electron pair, except er and Louis bases, an electron pair donor. We can clearly see from the question and from the illustration that this oxygen here, which has lone pairs on it, it looks like it's getting over that lone pair to the aluminum here. Remember, aluminum is in Group three A. We said that Group Three elements. They tend to have less than eight electrons around them in their lewis dot structures. Therefore, they can accept another lone pair to get closer to the octet role. So the oxygen here, which is donating its lone pair, is acting as a Louis base. The aluminum is accepting the lone pair, so it's acting like a Lewis acid here realize that in this process we're adding them together and because you're adding them together, that's why the product for Lewis acid based reaction is called an add duct. Now also realize a couple things are happening here. Oxygen, which had sole possession of this lone pair, is now sharing it with the aluminum. Therefore, it's gonna have a formal charge of plus one. And then the aluminum is basically gaining some new electrons from the oxygen because it's gaining new electrons it didn't have before. Its formal charge now is minus one. Here already gave us the formal charge within the product, but always be on the lookout for this. If electrons are being shared that weren't previously being shared, this is going to cause a change in our formal charges. So always be on the lookout for that whose formal charges would change. Those that tend to share electrons that they had full possession off will become more positive. Those that gain electrons they didn't have before will become more negative. Remember a nascent and a base under the Louis definition. They add together. And that's why the product it's called an add duct