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Ksp and solubility

Jules Bruno
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Hey guys. So here in this example, we're told that the Sala bility of calcium fluoride is 53. g per milliliter at 25 degrees Celsius and then were asked to just calculate its Sala Bility product Constant or K sp. Since we're dealing with CSP, we're dealing with the Ionic solid form of this compound and we're talking about how it breaks up into its ions. It breaks up into calcium ion and then there are two fluoride islands. Remember, with K S P. That means we're dealing with a nice chart and in a nice chart we ignore solids and liquids the reactions of solid. So we ignored here It's breaking up in pure water. So initially, both our products are zero. Their products are making them. So this is plus X. There's a two here, so this is plus two x plus X plus two x. Remember, K SP will just equal products here because we ignore the reacted because again, it's a solid. So this is calcium ion times fluoride ion The coefficient becomes the power. Alright, so here this would be X times two x squared so that the x Times four X squared, which will come out to four X to the third. So for us to be able to find what are K. S P is we need to figure out what X will be here. They could be the Cy ability off calcium fluoride. Sigh ability here represents X. But remember, this is a nice chart. So we need the units to be in polarity, not grams per milliliter. So we're gonna take the 53 0.2 g of calcium fluoride per one middle leader, and we have to convert it to polarity, which is moles per liter. So we're going to stay here for every one mole of calcium fluoride. What's the massive calcium fluoride? While calcium Florida has calcium in it. One calcium, which, according to the periodic table, is 40.0 Gramps. And then we have two florins which, according to the periodic table, each one is 19 grams. So that's 40.8 g. Plus. Here are 38 g, so the mass you would be 78.8 g. So grants cancel out. Now we have moles over milliliters. We have to get rid of middle leaders here. It's on the bottom. So we're gonna put metal leaders on the top. So it's 1000 mL is one leader. So again, we have moles over leaders. So this is 6 81.35 to Mueller. So that represents my ex. So now I'm gonna plug that in here. Remember your orders of operation. You have to keep this number now before you multiply by four. So it's like Cube 6. 81.352 That gives me 3.16 times 10 to the eight. Now we can multiply that times four. That comes out to 1.26 times 10 to the ninth. So this would represent the K S P off calcium fluoride. So again, here I just made up. That's a liability value here. We're focusing on how exactly what I figure out gsp from the information given doing the steps would give us our final answer here