Intermolecular Forces Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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which forces our intro molecular and which are inter molecular Alright those along silver to tarnish. All right. The reason silver tarnishes and certain metals tarnish become rusty looking is because they're actually reacting with the oxygen in the air. If we're talking about the reaction between elements which changes the appearance of that element, we're talking about a chemical reaction which is connected to chemical properties. So that would mean that we're dealing with an in trump molecular force. Next those preventing butter from melting in a refrigerator melting is a physical change that happened where we're going from a liquid where we're going from a solid to a liquid. Physical changes are connected to physical properties and those are connected to inter molecular forces. Those preventing oil from evaporating at room temperature. Again, evaporation is another example of of physical change where we're going from a liquid to a gas. Physical changes are connected to physical properties and therefore connected to the inter molecular forces. Then finally those preventing oxygen in air from forming oxygen atoms. So we're changing 02 and O. That means we are breaking chemical bonds. Chemical bonds are the bonds within molecules within molecules. Means that we're dealing with in trump molecular forces. So just remember intra molecular are within they affect chemical properties. They influence chemical changes in term molecular forces are the attractive forces between molecules. They affect physical properties and by extension physical changes can result