Coordination Compounds

Jules Bruno
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Alright guys, Hopefully positive video when you attempted to do it on your own. This one is fairly simple. We have gold here, but there are only two Liggins to bromide ions. So if you're coordination numbers too then your on leash. It can be linear. It's one. The coordination number is for that. We have to decide. Does it follow a teacher? He drill shape Or does it follow a square plainer or planner shape? So here we have gold in the center. Remember Linear 180 degrees in terms of its bond angle. Okay, so we put this in brackets and the negative charge on the outside. So that would be the way you should have drawn it. And remember, because there's a charge, you put brackets around it and the way the formulas presented tow us should have brackets in it. Now, now that we've done this one, try to attempt to do this practice one on your own, come back and see how best I draw Now, remember, just like Tetra Hydro, there is an ideal way to draw this particular shape, dry it first the way you would like to see it and then we'll see if your shape matches up with my shape. So good luck, guys.