Weak Base Strong Acid Titrations 3

Jules Bruno
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after the equivalence point, we will say that our strong species, which in this case is our strong acid, will be greater an amount than our weak base. So here we could have 500 moles of our strong acid. Remember, we only care about are weak acid, its conjugate base and the strong acid. Um, let's say here, in this case we have some of our weak acid present here. Doesn't matter, because remember, we look at the react inside, only we're gonna take the smaller moles and subtract them from the larger moles. So here will have zero left of our weak base or conjugate base. We'll still have our strong acid remaining here. We add to 50 to the product side at the end here. What do we have? We have strong acid remaining and we have some weak acid remaining again. We look at Onley, the strong species, because it has a greater impact on the overall pH. So are strong acid is what we're concerned with. And because we have strong acid remaining, we would take its moles left divided by the total volume used to find the mole Arat e of our strong acid because it's a strong acid. We could take the negative log of that concentration to help us find pH. So remember, after the equivalence point, are strong species will be great on amount than our weak species. Click on the last video now to take a look at what happens when we're at the equivalence point.