Limiting Reagent

by Jules Bruno
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in this series of videos, we're gonna still talk about Stoke geometry. But now we're gonna introduce the idea of the limiting re agent. Now, the limiting re agent sometimes called the limiting, reacted. It's the reacting that is completely consumed in a reaction and determines the maximum amount of product. Now we start talking about limiting react in a re agent when more than one reacted and our chemical equation is given. Ah, starting them out. Now we're going to say here that the limiting re agent helps us to determine the theoretical yield. This is the maximum amount of product that conform from a chemical reaction. It's also referred to as the 100% yield or the maximum yield now different from the limiting re agent is the excess re agent. Now, this is the reacting the remains after the completion of the chemical reaction. So you have a reactant and acts as a limiting re agent and then you can have another reactant acting as the excess, um, re agent. Now, in order to determine which reacting is which, you must work out the amounts of products each can make. And from there we'll have enough information to tell which is which. Now that we've gotten out the definitions, click on the next video and see how the Stoke geometric chart changes slightly when dealing with limiting re agents and excess region.