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Write the formula of the conjugate base for the following compound

Jules Bruno
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Now let's take a look at example one, it says right. The formula of the conjugate base for the following compound. Now, the following compound is H s 04 negative and realize when I say conjugate base, I mean remove and h plus. And since we're gonna be using some of the spaces here, guys to write graphs to help us follow along, I'm gonna remove myself from the image so we can better focus. So remember, conjugate base means were removed h plus, So just do a number line. This number line will help us figure out what the new charge is going to be. Because, remember, you're not only moving and h you're moving Ah, positive h. So you're causing the charge to change when that h positive comes off. So it's important to track and see what your new charge will be. So we start off as negative one. And if you're removing an H positive, you're removing a positive, you're gonna become more negative. Yeah, So let's remove that H plus. So now we're s +04 because we're gonna become a little bit more negative. We fall down to minus two. So s 04 to negative would be the conjugate base off H s 04 negative