Jules Bruno
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Now we're gonna say a species with a pH greater than seven greater than seven is classified as basic. If your basic you're gonna say that your H plus concentration is less than you're O h minus concentration. And we can also say that the stronger the base than the higher the pH and the higher the pH, the greater you're hydroxide concentration. Okay, so we can understand this relationship as strongest base would have the lowest pH I mean highest pH and therefore have the highest, all H minus concentration. Remember, we already went over this several videos ago. How do we determine if something is weak or strong? You still need to know those in order to do the following questions, because again, I've said it so many times before. Why do we need to know the strength of things? Because eventually we're gonna have to use ice charts to find pH if we're given a weak acid or a week base. That's why it's important to know what our species is is a week or is it strong? Now we're gonna say a species with a pH less than seven is termed acidic. And if you're acidic, your H plus concentration is greater than Euro H minus concentration. Here we can say the stronger the acid than the lower the pH. So strongest acid has the lowest pH, which means you have the highest h plus. And then finally, we're gonna say species with a pH equal to seven is neutral. Remember, this is Onley true at 25 degrees Celsius. Because, remember, at 25 degrees Celsius, K w equals 1.0 times 10 to the negative 14. If they were to change the temperature, that would change our K W. And then neutral Ph would become a new number. It doesn't always equal seven. And we're gonna stay here if you're neutral and your age plus concentration is equal to your O H minus concentration.