Coordination Compounds

Jules Bruno
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Yeah, So here were asked to find the geometry of the following complex ion. So here we have zinc connected to for ammonia molecules. These air the Liggins and the overall charge is plus two. Now, remember, zinc its electron configuration is are gone for us to three d 10. And remember, we said that if you have a D 10 configuration, near shape would be Tetra hydro. Okay, Right. So here the shape yet geometry would be Tetra hydro. And if we wanted to draw this out correctly, we'd have zinc in the center. Remember, Tetra Hydro means you're connected to four groups Now, Traditionally, you probably see it like this and H three here and H three here and h three here and here. It's the end that's connected, and that end is connected to three hydrogen. So he wrote it backwards to show the connection is between the zinc central element and the nitrogen because it's the nitrogen that has the lone pair being used to make the connection. Now, this is not the best way to draw Tetra Hydro. Technically, the best way to draw it will be drawing it like this. We still have sick in the center. We still have one ammonia molecule up here, but then the remaining three we draw kind of like that. This would be the Mork correct way of drawing this connection. And here because it has a charge, we put it in brackets and there'd be a plus to charge on the outside So that the correct way of drawing in we've seen this one. Let's see if you can draw the next one. Pause the video really quickly attempt to do it on your own. They come back and see if your answer matches up with mine.