Redox Reactions

by Jules Bruno
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now usually accompanied with the terms off reduction and oxidation are the ideas of the reducing agent and the oxidizing agent. But what you need to realize here is that reduction and oxidation are the opposites off oxidizing and reducing. Agents were going to say the oxidizing agent is just the element or compound that is reduced and then reducing Agent is the element or compound that is oxidized. So add this to your idea of Leo the Lion goes girl. Okay, so if you've been oxidized, you're the reducing agent. If you've been reduced, your the oxidizing agent, I know it could be a little bit weird, but just remember, they're opposites of one another. If we can remember that, they will be able to solve Redox reaction questions that ask us to identify what's been oxidized, what's been reduced. What's the oxidizing agent and what's the reducing agent