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An important reaction in the formation of acid rain listed below.2 SO2 (g)   +  O2 (g)  ⇌  2 SO3 (g)Initially, 0.023 M SO2 and 0.015 M O2 are mixed and allowed to react in an evacuated flask at 340 oC

Jules Bruno
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So the next question says an important reaction in the formation of acid rain is to eso to gas is combined with 102 gas to give us to eso three gas Here we're saying initially, we have 0.23 Moeller s 02 and 0.15 Mueller 02 They're mixed together and allowed to react in an evacuated flask at 340 degrees Celsius. When an equilibrium is established, the equilibrium amount of one of them s 03 was found to be 30.199 Moeller, calculate the equilibrium constant K C for the reaction at 340 degrees Celsius. So we say to ourselves, Do we need to do a nice chart? Well, we know initially this is how much we have of our react INTs equilibrium is reached, but we only know the equilibrium of one compound. So we're still missing the equilibrium from eso to and for Anytime we're missing more than one compound and equilibrium, we have to do a nice shirt. So in this case, we're gonna do a nice chart. Now I'm gonna remove myself from the image guy so that we can work this problem out with more space. So let's take a look. We know we have to do a nice chart, so it's gonna be to s 02 plus o two. Gas gives me to s 03 gas initial change equilibrium. So now what we're gonna do here is we're gonna We're gonna plug in what we know initially. So initially, we know the amount for s 02 is 20.23 Moeller and we know what the initial amount of 02 is. It's gonna be point 015 Moeller. I don't tell you anything about s 03 So initially it's going to be equal to zero. Then we're gonna say, Remember the important phrase we lose react INTs to make products. This helps us figure out how we exactly we put in the change. So it's gonna be minus two x because of the two minus X plus two acts because of the two bring down everything to 3 minus two x 0.15 minus x plus two x Hopefully you guys were able to fill out your ice chart in the same way, as I did next, we're gonna say the important thing here is we know what s 03 is at equilibrium at equilibrium. Eso three equals two X. But the important thing here that we should realizes that I tell us another piece of information I actually tell us what s 03 is at equilibrium. At equilibrium, it equals 30.19 So that means two X also equals 20. Because we know this, we can isolate our x variable. So we're gonna divide. Both sides were gonna divide this by two and this by to toe isolate our x variable. So we're gonna stay here. X equals point 0009 Mueller. And now, because we know what X is, we can take that X answer, and we can plug it in for the other compounds. So we plug it in for this x and in this X So we're gonna say eso to equilibrium equals 0.23 minus two x. We just solve what? The exes. So when we work that out, we'll find out what our answer is for. Okay. Here. No equal 0.2101 Now we're gonna do the same thing for 02 At equilibrium 02 equals 20.15 minus X plug in what we know for X. So it equals 0. Okay, now we know everyone in equilibrium. So now we're able to find Casey. K C equals products, overreact INTs. So all we do now is we plug in their equilibrium amount that we just calculated. So we know SL three equilibrium is 30.199 squared S 02 is 20.2101 squared. And so too is just point 4005 Plug all that in and we'll get our answer. Okay. When we do that, our Casey is 0.641 as our answer. Hopefully, you guys were able to see the connections that we needed here. We're only given one person at equilibrium. So technically, we should have done a nice chart. The great thing is because we knew one person that equilibrium, we could isolate our X. Once we isolated Rx, we take that answer and plug it into each one of the compounds. Add the equilibrium line and doing that helped us find out what Casey is