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pH of Strong Acids &amp

Jules Bruno
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Now that we've done that one, let's look, at example, too. Now, an example to it says calculate the pH off a 0.550 Mueller hbr solution to the correct number of significant figures. Okay, so we know that HBR is a strong binary acid, so we don't need to find use a nice chart. We can just take the negative log of that to find Ph. And we're gonna say since it's a strong acid, this is the concentration of Rh Plus. Now, when we plug this into our calculator gives us 3. But remember, we looked were asked to find the correct pH to the correct significant figures. How do we determine the correct significant figures? It's all based on our given concentration. We're gonna say how Maney Sig Figs are in this concentration. Remember Sig Figs? We talked about a long time ago when it came to significant figures. We'd say that this particular compound, it has a decimal. So you count from left to right. You start counting once you get to your first non zero number. So you're gonna skip this because it's zero skip this. Skip this. Skip this. Our first non zero number going from left to right is this five. Once you start counting, you can't stop counting until you get to the very end. So we say 1233 Sig Figs in this concentration. So we know the correct number of significant figures in our concentration that will help us. Correct. Find the correct answer. Now, we're gonna say there are three sig figs in this concentration. So my answer has toe have three decimal places, so it has to have three decimal places. So again, the number of sick fix in your concentration determines the number of digits in your decimal places. So three sig figs in our concentration means we need three decimal places. So we need toe. Keep three decimal places. So here, this six means that we have to round up. So the correct answer would be 3. Again, the number of sick figs in your concentration tells you the number of decimal places. Your pH or your P O. H has tohave since the concentration at three sig figs are Ph needs three decimal places. Now that we've seen these first two. I want you guys to attempt to do this last one here, calculate the pH off 50 miles off 4. times 10 to the negative seven Moeller h two s So we know that this is a strong acid, and again, when it comes to acids, we don't have to worry about multiplying the concentration by the number of H is that we have. We won't see something like that until we deal with titrate Asians. When we come to buffers and acids and bases reacting with each other for now, we don't have to multiply the concentration by to the concentration stays the same, knowing that you guys tell me what the new pH is going to be, what the correct answer will be to this question. Once you've done that, click on the explanation button and you'll see a video of me explaining what to do for this particular question.