Electron Configuration of Transition Metals

Jules Bruno
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Alright guys. So hopefully guys pause the video and you attempted to do this question. So what we want to do here is wanna doom agonies neutral. So manganese neutral. Look at your periodic table would be are gone, right? It be for us to three d five. So that's what you should got for when it was neutral. Now, four plus means we're losing four electrons. Remember, you always lose your electrons from the outer shell. The outer shell is the one with larger and value. So here these electrons, these two electrons are in the fourth shell. These five electrons air in the third show. We're gonna lose them from the fourth shelf first. So we lose two from for us, so they'll be gone. But we have to lose tomb or from three D losing 32 more would give us at the end, are gone three d three. So this is the answer. You should have gotten form agonies four plus ions. Now that you've seen that example, try to do the last example on your own. Come back and see how I approach that question