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Understanding the Solubility Product Constant

Jules Bruno
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Hey, guys, In this new video, we're gonna take a look at a new concept. The side ability product constant. So we're used to so many K's up to now we've seen K A. We've seen K B, but now we're gonna be dealing with K S P, which we're gonna refer to as our soluble ity product Constant. And we're gonna say here that saw you bility was the maximum amount of salute that could successfully be dissolved in a solvent. Remember, another name for soluble iti is mole arat e Another name from polarity is concentration. So solid ability, molar ity, concentration, all three different words. But all mean the same exact thing. How much saw you can I get to dissolve in my give and solve it? Now we're gonna say, in this section, we learn about associated with any type of solid. Any solid is the K S P value. We're gonna say the KS piece value stands for what we've been saying. The soluble ity product constant. Now we're gonna say the larger RKS p value is than the mawr soluble. The solid is in its given solvent. We're gonna say the smaller RKs p value than the less soluble. The solid isn't it's given solvent. Okay, so K s P is just the measurement of soluble ity. How soluble is your solid? And if you ever given K sp for a compound, you should know automatically. Since this compound is given a K S P value, the compound has to be a solid.