Thermochemical Equations

by Jules Bruno
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Now, if you've seen my stock geometric chart understood geometry or solution, chemistry or gas Toki aama tree. This should be pretty familiar to you, but if this is the first time you're seeing this documentary chart, let's go through it. All right. So what we need to realize here is that with thermo chemical equations, sometimes it's pretty common to be given the Delta h off our chemical reaction. So we'll start out with Delta H of Given. And like I said before in Sochi, a mature. We're used to doing a multiple comparison, which can still happen here. But the more important thing is that we establish a connection between the Delta h of reaction and one of the moles for one of the compounds within our chemical reaction. So here we go from Delta H of Given, two moles of Given and what we can say here is that besides going from Delta H given, two moles have given we can go from grams of given two moles of given or we can go from ions. Adams formula units or molecules, have given two moles of given. Once we get there, we have to go to moles of are unknown to do. This requires a leap of faith, in a sense, because you're going from an area where you know information to an area where you know nothing at all. So we call this to jump when you make this jump. In order to do it correctly, you have to do a multiple comparison and use the coefficients in the balanced equation. From this point, you are at most of unknown, and from here you can go in any way you want. You can go from most of unknown toe ions, Adams formula units or molecules. You can go to grams, or you can go to a new Delta h of unknown. So just realized with the thermo chemical equation will have a balanced chemical equation, which introduces the idea of Stoke eom. A tree before to be a thermo chemical equation will also have the Delta H of reaction present