Naming Coordination Compounds

by Jules Bruno
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Hey, guys, in this new video, we're gonna take a look at example or asked to name a coordinate complex or coordinate compound. So here, it says, give the systematic name for the following formula. So we have silver. We have sodium. We have cyanide ions, two of them. So just realize, here we have what we have are complex ion here. And remember, when you're complex, Ion is an an ion. We change the end of the metal Thio eight. Now here we're dealing with silver. Remember what Silver? What's the name? It's Arjun Tate here. Technically, Silver's always plus one, but we'll put Argent 81 to illustrate that it's always plus one. Now. Sodium is the first medal there, so we're gonna say the name is sodium. And then remember we named the Ligand before we named the metal. And remember, there's a gap. A space between the cat eye on portion and the anti on portion so this would be sodium di saya. No die because there's two of them. Scion, because it's CNN Arjun Tate one. So this would be what we have now realize. Why is the formula written that way? Because remember, sodium and Group one A. So it's plus one. Which would mean that this ion here would have to be minus one, and when they combine, they cancel out. And that's how we got this formula. But why is it minus one? It's minus one because, remember, Silver's always plus one and these scenes each ar minus one should be a one plus to sign IEDs, which are each one negative one. So that's how the overall formula was minus one. So now that you've seen us do this example, try to do the next example on your own positive video really quickly attempted, do it, come back and see how I answer it.