Metric Prefixes

by Jules Bruno
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the metric prefixes themselves can act as labels that can be placed in front of various base units. So here we have based units for volume in the form of leaders. In terms of time we use seconds. The base units for the amount of a substance is moles and for electrical current and peers notice that some of these common base units are also connected to our sea based units. Now the metric prefix themselves are the variables that we place in front of each of these base units. So leaders, we could plug in front of it. Millie. So millie leaders, Millie being the metric prefix that were placed in front of the base unit of leaders for seconds we could do nanoseconds for moles, we could do giga moles and for amperes we could do kilo and peers here. All that's happening is I'm taking each one of these metric prefixes and placing them in front of one of these base units. This is key when it comes to metric prefix conversions. So click on the next video and let's take a look at how do we go from one metric prefix to a new one.