Strong Acid-Strong Base Titration

Jules Bruno
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Hey, guys, in this new video, we're gonna take a look at what do we do when we have a strong acid and a strong base being mixed together? So we're gonna say, whenever we had a strong acid or a strong base alone by themselves, we never used an ice chart. Now what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be tight trading or mixing them together. And now we're gonna say, whenever you titrate a strong acid with a strong base or a strong base with a strong acid, you never using I c f chart either. So having strong and strong together is basically the best situation because it becomes really easy. We don't have to do any type of ice chart. We don't have to do any I cf charts. So we're gonna do is a Siris of steps. And as long as you guys remember the steps, it becomes fairly easy in solving the problem.