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Method 2 for Creating a Buffer

Jules Bruno
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Now, the second way to make a buffer is to mix some strong acid with some weak base. But here's the thing about this type we're gonna say here the week base has to be higher in amount. Must be hiring amount. If the weak base is equal to the strong acid, it will destroy the buffer. If the strong acid is greater than my weak base, it will destroy the buffer. Okay, so the week base has to always be higher than the strong acid. Otherwise, the buffer will be destroyed. So if we take a look at an example, we can say Here we have one mole of HF and 1.5 moles off NH three and actuaries are weak base and there's more of it. Our units here could be moles or mole Arat E. In this case, this would be a buffer if we have one mole of HF and one more of NH three no longer a buffer because the strong species is equal to my week Species, if I have one point Not sorry, this is HCL. Actually H f is a weak acid. So disregard that hcl if I have one more 1.5 moles of HCL and still one more off and H three. This would also no longer be a buffer. Your strong species cannot be equal to or greater than your week species. If it is, your buffer gets destroyed. So remember that the week species has to be higher in amount in the strong species.