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Consider the following compounds

Jules Bruno
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Now we're gonna say example. One. Consider the following compounds, which has the highest concentration off O. H minus ions. What we should realize here is that all of them have to O H minus is involved and because they all have the same number of O H minus is that means that is not a deciding factor. So just ignore that. That means just look at the K S P value. We're going to say the one that has the highest K S P value would be the most soluble, which means it breaks up into the most ions. And the one that breaks up into the most ions would have the highest concentration off O. H minus ions. So all we gotta do here is look to see which GSP is the biggest. Here we have two that are to the negative 15. And but this one is 4.1 and this one is just 1.3 so d would be are correct. Answer Now, another way your professor could have worded this is remember, associated with O H minus ions is V acidity. Right? So the Maura O H minus is you have the more basic you are. I could've ordered this as which is the most basic, and you should have read into that and said Okay, he means most basic. So that means who has the highest amount of O. H minus? I could have also said least acidic. Which of the following is least acidic, which would have mean who has the lowest amount of H 30 plus ions or who has the highest concentration off O. H minus ions, different ways. Three different ways to ask the same exact question. And remember, because all of them had 20 H minus is we didn't have to look at the number of ions. We only looked at the K SP. If they had different number of O. H minus ions, then we'd have to do calculations in order to find their Moeller Moeller Sawyer bility, which is X on. We'll learn how to do that a little bit later on