Jules Bruno
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next, we're gonna say group to a ions. And here there are There's a caveat. It's not all group to wait. It's certain metals in group two way. So we're gonna say any group to a metal from calcium to bury him when combined with O. H minus, H minus, O to minus or an H two minus will create a strong base. So remember, if you look at your periodic table group two way, we're gonna see beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, and we have our And at the bottom is well, and usually we don't see basis with that, so we're not gonna worry too much about it. So we're saying from calcium and lower. Okay, so the cut off is calcium. These two get left out. So here we're gonna say Group two A is plus two in charge. So we could have these guys reacting with any one of these ions. Okay, so the two from here will come over here. The one from here will move over there cause nothing. So this would be CEO H two here. We're gonna get the to from here. Coming here. B a h two. This is plus two this is minus two. So when they combine, they cancel out, and then the two from here can come down here. So those are all examples of strong bases. Now we're going to stay here, that magnesium is above calcium, and we're gonna say magnesium hydroxide is a base now. Technically, it's a week base. It's not as strong as the others. The others break up 100%. But here's the thing about magnesium hydroxide. We're gonna say a small portion it off. It will dissolve. So let's say about 10% of it dissolves that small portion of it that does dissolve. It dissolves all the way. And when it comes to a weak acids and bases, sometimes a piece of it will dissolve, but not completely for magnesium hydroxide. A small portion of it dissolves and it dissolves completely. Because of that weirdness, we're gonna say M G. O. H. Two is not a strong base, but it's strong enough that we don't need to do a nice chart. So we're gonna say magnesium hydroxide is a weird special case. Technically, it's weak, but it's strong enough that it may not require a nice chart. Just make a little note of that