Naming Coordination Compounds

by Jules Bruno
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alright guys. Hopefully you paused the video. So let's take a look at this one. It's tetra Mm zinc carbonate. So just realize here that zinc is a type one metal, meaning it only has one charge is always plus two. So it's a zinc connected to four a. Means Remember, they aren't neutral Liggan, so they have no charge. Zings always plus to their neutral. So the overall charges plus two carbonate is a poly atomic ion. So it's CO three to minus. So we have plus two. We have minus two. So what happened? They cancel each other out. So that would be tetra mean zinc carbonate Hopeful. You guys were able to get an answer that was close to this. If you didn't get the exact answer, just realized there's a lot again that goes into naming of these compounds because the metal didn't end with an A t e. We know that this part had to be the complex ion portion. Now, now that we've seen this attempt to do practice question one here, do it on your own. See how far you can get with it? Come back and see how I named the same exact compound. So good luck, guys,