Weak Base Strong Acid Titrations 1

Jules Bruno
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we continue our discussion of acid based high trey shins, but in this case, we're now dealing with weak bases and strong acids. Remember, when we react a week species with a strong species, we have to use an I C F chart. Remember, that is initial change final and again, remember, when we're using an I C F chart, the units will be in moles. In this example, we have ammonia NH three, which represents a week base HBR represents a strong acid. Remember, what do assets do as its donate H plus that's gonna create NH four positive, which is guinea one h plus. So this is our conjugate acid, and we'll have br minus as the leftover ion. Now also recall that when it comes to the terms of weak base and conjugate acid they're interchangeable with, instead of saying conjugate acid, weaken, say weak acid. Because, remember, this is a positive, possibly charged nitrogen compound, which represents a weak acid, and we're moving on a trim. It gives us an H three, so this could also be the conjugate base. Okay, so just remember, these terms are interchangeable. This year represents our typical acid based titrate in equation between a week based and a strong acid. Now that we've seen this, click on to the next video and take a look at the different steps in terms of titrate shins dealing with the equivalents point.