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Consider the titration of 40.0 mL of 0.0800 M HCl with 0.0160 M Ca(NH2)2.a) How many milliliters of 0.0160 M Ca(NH2)2 are required to reach the equivalence point

Jules Bruno
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Hey guys, in this new video, we're going to continue with our discussion off equivalents, molar ity and equivalent volume. So in this example, it says, consider the Thai Trey Shin off 40 miles off 400.0 800 Mueller HCL with 8000.16 Mohler Calcium Hmeid. It says How many milliliters off the 0.160 Moeller calcium. My solution are required to reach the equivalence point. So remember, we sit at the equivalents point. We have equal moles of acid and base. So as a result, M acid times V acid equals M base times V base and we need to make certain checks to see if everything is correct. So we look to see calcium. A mind is a strong base based on the rules that we've learned several videos back. It's a strong base, so we need to look at Hominy. NH two minuses. It has. It has two of them, so it's really concentration would be 0.3 to 0. Moeller always have to check that when it comes to strong basis. So that's the concentration we're gonna plug in here. We're looking for its volume. So the base we don't know. Now for the acid form here, it only has one acidic H that we're dealing with. So only dealing with one equivalents point. Let's say, for example, we had h two s 04 in this. We would have toe figure out further information. Are they talking about the first equivalents point? Are they talking about the second they're talking about the second? We'd have to multiply the concentration times to in order to get the correct answer. So here we're gonna say it's dealing with one acidic age, so we don't have to worry about the concentration, the volume we're gonna put in as 0.40 Leaders, remember, we're looking for V base, So divide both sides by 0.3 to 0. Mueller, MLS cancel out. So our units at the end will be in leaders the only units that don't cancel out. When we do that, we'll get back an answer off point 100 leaders. So the base will be 0.100 leaders or 100 MLS if they ask for it in Emil's