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Maximum torque on wrench

Patrick Ford
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Hey guys, on this torque example, we're trying to figure out what's the minimum force needed to produce a certain torque. Another way to think about this is how to maximize your torque with the load with the least amount of force how to be the most effective in causing something to spin. So it says here you must produce a torque of 100. Torque equals 100 to properly tighten a given bolt using a 20 centimeter ranch. 20 centimeter is the length of the ranch ranch. So we're gonna length equals 200.2 m. And I want to know what is the minimum force needed to do this. Now, this is just a play on the torch equation. So we're gonna write torque equals F R sine of fada. The torque value is fixed. It's 100. I want to know what is my force. And to do this, I have to figure out which values to plug in for our in fatum. Remember, if you want the most effectiveness with your torque with your effort, um you want the greatest possible force. But here we're trying to find the least amount of force, which means that I wanna have the most effective are in the most effective data. Okay, the most effective are the most effective data. Let me draw a little ranch here. It's terrible. Probably. Um So what you wanna do this is often what you wanna do to produce a torque is you wanna push as far away from the axis now the range the bolt is here. Right? Um so we're spinning like that. You wanna push us far away from the ranch? Think about this. If you got the ranch and you pull it here, it doesn't do as much if you pull the range all the way at the end all the way over here. That's why you grab it. Here, you produce the most torque. So you wanna be as far as possible from the axis of rotation. And that's where this 20 centimeter comes in. If the ranch is 20 centimeters long, you wanna be a sfar assed possible. We're gonna assume that we can push it at the very tip. Therefore, we're gonna use an r of point to also you. Not only do you wanna push all the way over here at the end, you wanna push with an angle of 90 degrees to the access. So if you push it here, I'm sorry to the our vector. If you push it here, you're our victories. Access to a point where the force is applied R f and you wanna make an angle of 90 degrees. Okay, so in all these questions where you want to maximize torque or minimize force you want you are to be as long as possible, which usually means the entire length of the thing. And you want your stated to be a Z biggest possible, which usually means a naval of 90 to give you a sign off one andan. That's it. So this gives us, um f 0.2 one. So force equals 100. Divided by point to the force. Here would be 500 Newtons. Alright, that's it for this one. Let me know if you have questions