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Find How Many Loops in a Solenoid

Patrick Ford
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Hey, guys. So let's check out this solenoid example. So here I wanna know how Maney turns. A So annoyed is going toe have How many terms is the variable big end insulin noise? Not to be confused with little in so big end is the number of terms 2 m long so annoyed, meaning the length of the solenoid, the sort of sideways length This l is m in order to produce a 20.4 t magnetic fields B equals 0.4 t when a three and current is ran through it. So when a current high equals three amp is ran through, it is their eyes. They're an equation that relates all these variables off course there is. And that's the equation for the magnetic fields through the center of a solenoid. B equals meal knots. I en over l we're looking for n so I could just move some stuff around and equals b l divided by divided by mu, Not I and B is 0.4 length is to me you not is four pi times 10 to the negative seven and the current is three amps. The current is three amps and If you multiply all of this, I have it here you're gonna get you're gonna get so I haven't rounded. Um, you're gonna get true times 10 to the fifth Turns. That's the value for end. Which means, by the way, that you're gonna have 200,000 turns. That's what you need to have to make this happen. Go. That's it for this one. Let's get going.