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Distance Between Crests

Patrick Ford
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Hey, guys, I hope you're able to solve this problem on your own. If not, here's a little bit of help. A wave moves with the speed of 120 m per second. If the frequency of the wave is 300 hertz, what is the distance between wave crests? Okay, distance between wave crests. So if you have a wave that's going up and down and up and down and up and down, what do we call the distance between the crests? Well, each crest is a new cycle, and the distance to those crest is just gonna be the wavelength. Okay, so what we're asking, what the question is asking for is the wavelength, right? The distance traveled during one cycle. So if we know the wave speed and we know the frequency, how do we take that and find the wavelength using our standard wave equation? We'll just say that the frequent Sorry. The speed is a wavelength. Times of frequency. We can then divide the frequency over too big. We can then divide the frequency over and say that the wavelength is the speed divided by the frequency which is 120 m per second, divided by 300 hertz which is 0. m. That is the wavelength and therefore the distance between wave crests. Alright, guys, Thanks for watching.