PODCAST: Episode 10 — Future proofing your career and the value of employability


Welcome to episode 10 of the Art of Learning podcast.  

We’re joined by Stuart Connor, Pearson Asia's Qualifications and Assessment Director, and Anisa Zulfiqar, Pearson Asia’s PCTA Business Development Manager, to discuss how learners can future proof their career, the importance of employability, and more.  

We explore the definition of employability and why it has become such an important concept (1:18), the acute focus on employability in times of recession (3:14), whether learners lack the relevant skills to suit the modern economy (4:02), in-demand skills and how they evolve and transcend industries (7:01), how the pace of change in industry impacts future skills requirements (9:47), whether the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a greater emphasis on bridging the skills gap in Thailand and Vietnam (11:53), advice on how learners can future proof their careers (16:08), what Thai and Vietnamese educators can do to better prepare learners for the workforce (18:16), how a Pearson education provides learners with a competitive edge (20:38), plus more.