What is employability and why do workforce skills matter?

Running a search on the term ‘What is employability’ serves up a rather straight-forward definition: to be employable is to be of “the quality of being suitable for paid work.”   The challenge for learners today is that the skills that employers value continue to change rapidly, and as the global jobs market becomes increasingly competitive, so too is the race to stand out in the talent pool. 
Add the misunderstanding to the mix that industry and educators seem to be having regarding the state of future workers (and today’s learners) — what employers believe and what educators believe are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and here are the numbers that tell the story: according to research, a mere 11% of employers think that education institutions are effectively preparing learners for the world of work, while 96% of chief academic officers believe they are equipping learners with the skills required to be employable.  
That’s a stark difference in perspectives, and it has led to hiring challenges for industry, as learners lack many of the sought after soft and hard skills the new world of work demands. 
So, to help you navigate the new world of work, we created this asset specifically for you (the determined learner!) so you can leverage our findings to increase your employability.  Read it carefully and remember to take notes so you can apply this knowledge to your next career move — whether that’s hunting for your dream job, putting together a career progression plan in your current role, or even to upskill during your studies so you’re ready for the new world of work.  
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