• Episode 16 — English is the world's language, but is it part of your skillset?

    Welcome to episode 16 of the Art of Learning podcast.

    We welcome a very special guest, Director of Teaching and Learning at E2 Test Prep, Jarrad Merlo, to discuss the importance of having English language skills in today's workforce. Jarrad shares his wealth of knowledge, and provides an abundance of insights to help you master the lingua franca.

    We discuss E2 Test Prep (0:58), the trends that will make English language learning increasingly important over the next handful of years (2:32), the best way to time your English language specialisation (10:22), and much more.

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  • PODCAST: Episode 12 — The challenges of delivering high-quality education in a fluid world


    Welcome to episode 12 of the Art of Learning podcast. 
    We’re joined by Dr Stephen Corbett, Head of School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the University of Portsmouth, to discuss the challenges of delivering high-quality education in an ever-changing, fluid world. 
    We kick off by discussing Dr Corbett’s day-to-day responsibilities as a school head (0:54), the importance of recognising further education managers in the wider education ecosystem (2:27), what the consequences are of sub-par middle management in education (9:28), whether there are inadequate resources dedicated to assist education managers (12:44), the characteristics and traits that make for a successful middle manager in education, and more (16:38). 

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  • PODCAST: Episode 7 — Peek inside a blended learning classroom


    Welcome to episode 7 of the Art of Learning podcast.  

    We’re joined by Dr Tran Huong Quynh to discuss the state of English language teaching in Vietnam, the approach to blended learning, and the benefits of modern teaching methods. Dr Quynh is the Head of the English Linguistics Division (Faculty of English) at the Hanoi National University of Education.  

    We discuss Dr Quynh’s background as an educator and the impact Pearson’s curriculum has had on her teaching (1:03), the emerging status of English language learning in Vietnam (2:34), the motivations for learning English in Vietnam (4:28), how Pearson’s approach to English teaching sets learners up for a successful future (6:05), the benefits of blended learning (8:22), the value of having fun while learning English (10:18), the challenges with the online and blended learning model (10:48), the partners Dr Quynh works with to enhance her blended teaching approach (11:57), the impact of COVID-19 on education in Vietnam (13:34), the role of technology in a post-COVID world (15:33), and more. 


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  • PODCAST: Episode 8 — The fairness of algorithms


    Welcome to episode 8 of the Art of Learning podcast.  

    We’re joined by Dr Rose Clesham, Director of Academic Standards & Measurement (English Assessment) at Pearson, to explore the intricacies of eAssessment and the fairness of algorithms, as well as the efficacy of computer-based testing.  

    We discuss Dr Clesham’s experience developing national curriculum tests, as well as diagnostic and formative assessment materials (0:57), the foundations of understanding the validity of assessments (3:46), the latest developments of artificial intelligence in eAssessment (8:11), the cross-cultural challenges of developing and implementing standardised, unified assessments (14:43), the challenges of ensuring that algorithms don’t entrench the biases of human programmers (17:07), reducing learner fears among computer-based testing (23:11), and more. 

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  • PODCAST: Episode 2 — A portrait of a global school in Southeast Asia


    Welcome to episode 2 of the Art of Learning podcast, brought to you by Pearson Asia.

    We're joined by Lê Thị Phượng Liên, Deputy Director of International Education - BTEC at the American Polytechnic College in Hồ Chí Minh, to discuss the power of vocational education and the importance of linking qualifications to jobs.

    We introduce the American Polytechnic College (1:23), we discuss why Pearson's BTEC qualifications stand out (4:34), the importance of guidance from your education partners (6:39), student feedback on hands-on learning (9:07), and Lê Thị Phượng Liên offers her advice on implementing BTEC qualifications in your institution (10:53). 

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  • PODCAST: Episode 1 – Is the “buy the book, take the test” approach still relevant?

    article image

    Welcome to episode 1 of the Art of Learning podcast, brought to you by Pearson Asia.

    In this episode, we're joined by Kayo Taguchi, Pearson Asia's ELT Portfolio Manager, and Stuart Connor, Pearson Asia's Qualifications and Assessment Director, to discuss why it’s important to link courseware with assessment, and how such an approach produces better testing outcomes across a range of qualifications.

    We dive into the impact of COVID-19 on their day-to-day roles (1:16), the appetite for English language learning across Asia (2:22), whether traditional teaching methods are outdated (4:51), the concept of linking courseware with assessment (8:18), the impact of data and analytics on teaching and learning (11:48), and we put a bow on the discussion by sharing advice and strategies for adapting to the modern world of teaching (15:42).

    Listen now.

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