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Pearson 2017 Q1 Trading Update

Pearson announced its 2017 Q1 Trading Update on Friday 5th May at 07:00 (BST)

Read the Pearson 2017 Q1 Trading Update

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Update on Ransomware attacks

What we are doing to ensure all possible protections have been put in place against the recent Ransomware attacks

More about the update on Ransomware attacks

Annual Report and Accounts 2016 - Cover

Pearson Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Our online 2016 Annual Report page

View the Annual Report for 2016

Guidance On Share Fraud

We have recently become aware that our shareholders have received unsolicited phone calls or correspondence concerning investment matters

More about Guidance on share fraud

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Future Jobs

Our work to forecast what Employment, Skills and Competencies will look like in 2030 and what this means for learning today

More about Future Jobs

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Get The Facts

Setting the record straight about our work around the world

More about Get The Facts

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Sustainability, Efficacy & Research


We are transforming sustainability at Pearson to respond effectively to the world’s biggest challenges, maximize the value we create for stakeholders, and increase our positive...

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Efficacy & Research

Our learners aren’t just another stakeholder group for us – they are the very reason why we exist as a company. That’s why, in 2013, we launched the Efficacy program...

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