Smarter Digital Tools

From how we find our way around an unfamiliar city to how we book a taxi, we live in a world made simpler by algorithms and big data.  

And there’s no shortage of on-going, breathtaking discoveries:

In a world where digital tools support virtually every part of our lives, why is it that the full power of such tools has yet to be unleashed to those who might benefit most - educators and learners? With smarter digital tools offering up the promise of learning that is more personalised, inclusive and flexible, it has become critical that we -- and particularly teachers, learners and parents -- have a firm understanding of what these tools can do, and how they work.

Making Smarter Digital Tools That Work

In one form or another, digital learning tools are in almost every school, college, and university. Yet instructors, education administrators, teacher trainers, and policymakers struggle to find objective guidance to help answer a seemingly simple question: “What works?”

This question comes down to efficacy—and it’s one of our company’s core values. We’re committed to helping learners make measureable progress in their lives. That’s why our education products provide you with clear learning expectations and outcomes, backed by real results from educators and students.

What is Pearson doing?

At Pearson, we believe smarter digital tools, such as artificial intelligence, have tremendous potential to shake up how education is delivered - supporting educators far more effectively, and personalizing learning for students at scale.

For instance, a student’s interaction with digital environments - from completing online lessons to playing games - generates data and insights about their learning. Researchers in Pearson’s Center for Digital Data, Analytics & Adaptive Learning are exploring how smart technology that can harness that data to assess, enable, and personalize learning without the disruption of traditional tests. And new assessment technology is already enabling deeper, better insights about what a student knows. This gives a teacher the confidence that when their students leaves the classroom they will have the skills needed to succeed in the 21st-century workplace.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Top experts from outside and inside the company share their leading edge work in education technology, research, and innovation.