Building Efficacy in Learning Technologies

“Although our commitment to efficacy spans all of our products and services, an ever-growing share of our portfolio is comprised of digital learning technologies.

Understanding the efficacy of learning technologies brings its own challenges and opportunities. On the challenge side lies understanding, and accounting for, the variety of contexts in which a product might be implemented, given the profound effects that context has on impact.

On the opportunity side lies the potential to use data to get “inside” learning in new and nuanced ways, which has the power to dramatically fast-forward our understanding of how people learn.”

From the foreword by Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Advisor, and Tim Bozik, President, Global Product

Open Ideas has undertaken a new program of work in partnership with Barbara Means and her team at SRI International: the Pearson | SRI Series on Building Efficacy in Learning Technologies.

This first volume provides a comprehensive overview about what the research says about efficacy in learning technologies. It also explores the importance of implementation of a given technology, and its impact on learner outcomes.

The authors argue that any learning technology must be understood as just one part of an instructional system, not as a learning intervention unto itself.

The paper lays out what research tells us about the effectiveness of learning technologies, and makes recommendations for identifying, planning, implementing, and evaluating them.

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Volume 1: Understand, Implement, and Evaluate - Report cover

Volume 1: Understand, Implement, and Evaluate

Barbara Means, Robert Murphy, Linda Shear